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Österreichische Fotografie Heute

13.04.2010 - 16.05.2010


WestLicht. Schauplatz für Fotografie is presenting a cross section of Austrian contemporary photography.

Alongside established names like Martin Walde or Helmut and Johanna Kandl, the exhibition will be focusing on the work of 20 young talents, whose background represents a mixture of fine art as well as installation and photography.
Selina de Beauclair projects pornographic images, on object surfaces and bodies, using them as a kind of canvas. This gives her work a painting-like quality. The photographical depiction of erotic pictures, taken from magazines, redefines their pornographic content and puts them in a different context. Brazilian born Roberta Lima, also deals with the human physique. She documents her actionist performances, which deal with femininity, pain and the constraint that conventions exercise on the human.
Markus Guschelbauer, from Carinthia, sets up the scene for his photographs. He combines natural and artificial elements. He takes his pictures through plastic foil or drapes artificial materials over stones and trees. This process makes his images resemble collages.

The show, curated by Elsy Lahner, manager of the art association das weiße haus and the artist Eva Schlegel, will show a very art-focused section of young Austrian positions.

One work of every artist exhibited, will be chosen for the WestLicht Photo Auction, held on the 29th of May 2010.

The Artists: Anatoliy Babiychuk, Selina de Beauclair, Hubert Blanz, Mark Glassner, Dorothee Golz, Markus Guschelbauer, Helmut und Johanna Kandl, Roberta Lima, Michail Michailov, Rita Nowak, Judith Pichlmüller, Agnes Prammer, Nikolaus Schletterer, Nina Rike Springer, Kamen Stoyanov, Martin Walde, Julia Willms, Andrea Witzmann, Erwin Wurm

The show is supported by departure

The Rings © Roberta Lima, 2005
Schwimmen © Markus Guschelbauer, 2008
Hello Lenin © Kamen Stoyanov, 2003
Roadshow 07 © Hubert Blanz, 2007
Ohne Titel © Agnes Prammer, 2008
O.T. Lampe © Nikolaus Schletterer, 2006
Geheimnisse- Secrets and Hiding Nr. 5 © Nina Rike Springer, 2007
Leopard © Michail Michailov, 2007
Urban Household 4 © Julia Willms, 2008
Uriel © Martin Walde, 2005