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Gerhard Heller Fotografien 1975 - 2010

09.11.2010 - 26.11.2010


WestLicht presents Gerhard Heller, a photographer whose images have helped shape the Austrian photographic landscape of the past 40 years. 
Heller, a photographic autodidact, started his career with pictures of a legendary demonstration in 68, published in the Volksstimme. In the atmosphere of change of those days he studied architecture under Prof. Plischke at Schillerplatz and developed a profound Knowledge of Adolf Loos’ works. Later working as a scientific photographer for the Albertina in Vienna, he was able to discover further unknown architectural projects of Loos. 
His photography is influenced by his extensive historic knowledge, as well as his sense for fashion and elegance. As photo journalist for the Bunte he travelled the world and built the base for his late portrait photographs in the areas of politics, economy and culture. Stars such as Falco or Kruder & Dorfmeister were portrayed by Heller for various magazines. 
Especially for the magazine Wiener he portrayed many celebrities during the 1980s and gave impulses in lifestyle and fashion photography. Aesthetically the photographs stretch from classic black and white elegance to surreal color experiments.

Falco, 1984 © Gerhard Heller
Peter Kruder (Viennale Plakat), 1994 © Gerhard Heller
Letzte Nacht im Schoko, 1983 © Gerhard Heller
Vladimir Malakhov, 1994 © Gerhard Heller
Vladimir Malakhov, 1994 © Gerhard Heller
Ohne Titel (Viennale Plakat), 1993 © Gerhard Heller
Für Robert La Roche, 1993 © Gerhard Heller
Für Robert La Roche, 1995 © Gerhard Heller
Christian Fuchs, 1990 © Gerhard Heller
Pilar Goess, 1986 © Gerhard Heller