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14.12.2010 - 30.01.2011


The exhibition Nude Visions invites the observer on a journey through the collection of body images of the Münchner Stadtmuseum. More than 250 photographs, portfolios with printed nude studies, as well as central examples of the 700 tome stretching library of nudes from the 19th and 20th century are presented in seven chapters from their beginnings until the present day.

“Without doubt, nothing attracts the gaze as much as nudity of the human body.” This 100 year old statement remains true until today. An exhibition of nudes in a museum uses this fact and is a tightrope walk between enlightenment and stimulation of curiosity. At the same time it documents the change of beauty ideals and concepts of morality through time.

T.W. Salomon (zugeschrieben), Revuegirls, ca. 1935 © Münchner Stadtmuseum
Franz Hanfstaengl, Eugenie von Klenze, um 1855; © Münchner Stadtmuseum
Rudolf Koppitz, Im Schoße der Natur (Selbstbildnis), um 1925 © Münchner Stadtmuseum
Gerhard Riebicke, Paar beim Ausdruckstanz, um 1930 © Bodo Niemann und Münchner Stadtmuseum
Anonym, ohne Titel, um 1928 © Münchner Stadtmuseum
Jan Mutsu, Tätowierter Mann, um 1955 © Münchner Stadtmuseum
Will McBride, Barbara in unserem Bett, Aufnahme für 'twen', 1959 © Will McBride und Münchner Stadtmuseum
Bert Stern, Marilyn Monroe aus der Serie: The last sitting, 1962 © Bert Stern
Stefan Moses, Bodypainting, 1967 © Stefan Moses Archiv im Münchner Stadtmuseum
André Gelpke, Angelique aus dem Salambo, St. Pauli / Hamburg, 1976 © André Gelpke und Münchner Stadtmuseum
Helmut Röttgen, Paar, 1981 © Helmut Röttgen und Münchner Stadtmuseum
Ulrike Frömel, Körperbild, 1993 © Ulrike Frömel und Münchner Stadtmuseum
Herbert List, Araber mit Steppenkerzen, Rückenakt, 1935 © Herbert List-Nachlass, Hamburg und Münchner Stadtmuseum