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Der erste Popstar der Formel 1

03.09.2010 - 26.09.2010


Commemorating the 40th anniversary of Jochen Rindt's death WestLicht ist showing an exhibition honouring the great achievements of this Austrian sports hero, whose personality fascinated the country. As one of the most enigmatic racing drivers of his generation, he was awarded the Formula 1 world champion title in 1970 posthumously.
Jochen Rindt has triggered euphoria for racing sports and has paved the way for following generations of drivers.
This force, this charisma, this fascination will find an aesthetic echo in the upcoming show.

Photographers: Ferdi Kräling, Alois Rottensteiner / Archiv McKlein, Max Scheler, Milan Schijatschky, Rainer Schlegelmilch, Kristian Bissuti, Peter Coeln, Robert Häusser, Josef Mayrhofer, Gino Molin-Pradel, Kurt Pinter, Franz Hruby.

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Jochen Rindt, 1969 © Ferdi Kräling
Jochen Rindt, Le Mans 1965 © Alois Rottensteiner
Jochen und Nina Rindt © Milan Schijatschky
© Rainer Schlegelmilch
Altaussee, 1965 © Christian Skrein
Salzburgring, 1970 © Peter Coeln
Jochen Rindts house near Lake Geneva, 1970© Max Scheler
Monza 1970 © Max Scheler
Nina and Jochen Rindt am Genfer See, 1970 © Max Scheler
Nina und Jochen Rindt am Österreichring, 1970 © Max Scheler
Mechaniker und die Lotus Crew entfernen die Wrackteile von der Unfallstelle, 1970 © Max Scheler