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05.09. - 12.10.2014

DAILY 11-19 H

Since 1955 the board of the World Press Photo Foundation, an independent platform for photo-journalism which has its headquarters in Amsterdam, has invited press photographers and photo-journalists from all over the world to take part in the World Press Photo competition. An international jury, which is changed each year and consists of 19 members, judges the submitted entries that come from photographers, agencies, newspapers and magazines all over the world.

This year the competition received 98,671 entries from 5,754 professional photographers from 132 countries. The international jury awarded prizes across nine theme categories to 53 photographers from 25 countries.

It is not only an impressive demonstration of achievements in international photo-journalism but also a unique retrospective of events of worldwide importance and historical significance that have taken place during the previous year, covering such subjects as politics, culture, sports and nature.

A picture by US-american photographer John Stanmeyer was selected as the World Press Photo of the Year 2013. The picture shows African migrants on the shore of Djibouti city at night, raising their phones in an attempt to capture an inexpensive signal from neighboring Somalia—a tenuous link to relatives abroad.

The main prize, the World Press Photo of the year is awarded to an individual photograph that is not only a summation of the previous year in photo-journalism but also deals with subject matter, a situation or event which has great journalistic significance and, at the same time shows exceptional achievement in the areas of visual perception and creativity.

The World Press Photo travelling exhibition attracts over three million people each year in 45 countries. This year, the world’s most prestigious annual exhibition of photojournalism visits Vienna for the 13th year running. The twelfth edition in 2013 had over 22,000 visitors at WestLicht.

The yearbook including all awarded images from this year's contest, contains the best photo journalistic works of the year. Hence the large format publication is not only an exhibition catalogue, but also an independent, gripping contemporary document.


05.09.2014, 7 pm
Lecture by Carla Kogelman, the Netherlands
1st Prize People – Observed Portraits Stories

10.09.2014, 7 pm
Panel discussion
All truth! All lies! Staging in press photography
In cooperation with Der Standard

will be available at WestLicht Bookshop from September.

World Press Photo is supported by the Netherlands Postal Code Lottery and sponsored worldwide by Canon. For further information visit

John Stanmeyer, African Migrants on the shore of Djibouti, 2013, VII for National Geographic (World Press Photo of the Year 2013)
Philippe Lopez, Typhoon Survivors, Philippines 2013, Agence France-Presse (1st Prize Spot News Single)
Goran Tomasevic, Rebels attack a government checkpoint, Syria 2013, Reuters (1st Prize Spot News Stories)
Tyler Hicks, Attack on Westgate Mall, Kenya 2013, The New York Times (2nd Prize Spot News Stories)
Fred Ramos, The last outfit of the missing, El Salvador 2013, El Faro (1st Prize Daily Life Stories)
Julius Schrank, Kachin Fighters, Myanmar 2013, De Volkskrant (1st Prize Daily Life Single)
Carla Kogelman, Ich bin Waldviertel, Merkenbrechts 2012 (1st Prize People – Observed Portraits Stories)
Brent Stirton, Blind albino students at a mission school, India 2013, Reportage by Getty Images (1st Prize People – Staged Portraits Single)
Emiliano Lasalvia, Polo Fall, Argentina 2013, La Nación (1st Prize Sports Action Single)
Steve Winter, A cougar in the hills over Los Angeles, USA, National Geographic (1st Prize Nature Stories)