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around 1940
Xenia, April 1932
Lacerta, January 1935
around 1940


05.12.2014 – 08.02.2015


Alfons Walde (1891–1958) is known around the world for his paintings of snowy landscapes and winter sports scenes, highly popular and sought after works that helped shape Tyrol, and especially Kitzbühel, into a fashionable mecca for alpine sports enthusiasts. Little known, on the other hand, is Walde’s passion for photography, which he discovered prior to WWI and which accompanied him throughout his life. This book provides the first ever insight into the artist’s photographic archive, featuring images that focus on the female nude. By juxtaposing selected photographs with the artist’s drawings and paintings, the book shows how Walde used his Leica and color film as a photographic sketchbook for his painted works. Above all, however, it is about the pleasure of looking – for not only are the photographs preliminary artistic studies, they are also erotic foreplay.

Curated by Rebekka Reuter and Peter Weiermair.



Twelve selected photographs by Alfons Walde will be offered as fine art prints in a limited edition of 24 sets, each in a high-value edition box. All exhibition prints can be purchased. All of them are stamped and signed by Michael Walde-Berger, grandson of Walde and administrator of the artist's estate.

contact: Judith Reisinger



The exhibition catalogue SchauLust. The Erotic Photography of Alfons Walde is published by Haymon Verlag and edited by Peter Coeln, featuring an essay by Peter Weiermair and a conversation between Rebekka Reuter, Carl Kraus and Michael Walde-Berger. In German and English language.

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