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FLIP SCHULKE (1930–2008) Muhammad Ali boxing underwater, 1961. Starting price: 2.600 EUR
WILLIAM KLEIN (* 1928) Gun 1, Broadway, New York 1954. Starting price: 2.800 EUR
ROBERT DOISNEAU (1912–1994) Cabaret de L'Enfer, Boulevard de Clinchy, Paris 1952. Starting price: 2.000 EUR
IRVING PENN (1917–2009) Marcel Duchamp (with Pipe in Mouth), New York 1948. Starting price: 12.000 EUR
WALKER EVANS (1903–1975) ‘Auto parts shop. Atlanta’, Georgia March 1936. Starting price: 9.000 EUR



The auction preview offers an intriguing tour through the history of photography and addresses both specialized collectors and the general public.

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