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Stefanie Moshammer, Grandmother’s Words, 2014, Therese, Chalupar © Stefanie Moshammer
Stefanie Moshammer, Liquid Sun, 2016, Therese, Chalupar
Stefanie Moshammer, Hortensie, 2015, Therese, Chalupar
Stefanie Moshammer, Taking a Bath with Jesus, 2018, Therese, Chalupar




After her last projects took her to Las Vegas, Rio de Janeiro and Haiti, artist Stefanie Moshammer (born 1988, Vienna) returns to Austria in her most recent series Therese and focuses her camera on her home country. Though the sites of the photographs can be precisely identified – the Prater, the Wiener Wald or the house of her grandparents in Mühlviertel – home in this case is of course rather a concept than a spot on a map. Moshammer’s projects devise subjective topographies. Taking the given as a starting point, her photographs recreate places in an interplay of colours, surfaces, encounters, new and ancient myths. Therese is about the search for one’s own identity, nothing less. The title of the series is the photographer’s middle name. Embedded, formative, unused, at once familiar and strange, it can be read as a symbol for an ambivalent relationship to one’s hometown, which is captured by Moshammer and her distinctive eye for narrative and form in intense images.