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Katharina Gaenssler, HD (Turm) D LC, 2013, book object, 35×25×3.5 cm, 248 photographs, 252 pages, offset print, 63 Pantone colors on Affiche Paper, cover silkscreen print on bitumen paper, edition 63
Katharina Gaenssler, Trans-Siberia I – XIII, 2004, book object, 13 volumes, each 8, 21 × 28.5 × 3.5 cm, 8764 photographs, 8764 pages, color laser prints, plasticised covers
Katharina Gaenssler, Munich, 13 – 22 March 2006, 2006, book object, 18×27.5×13 cm, 2700 photographs, 2700 pages, color laser prints, plasticised cover
Katharina Gaenssler, UN 242, 2010 ∕ 2012, book object, 68×51×4 cm, 242 photos, 242 pages, pigment print on polyethylene, silkscreenprinted cover


Katharina Gaenssler (*1974) has specialized in the photographic compression and transposition of spaces. In thousands of separate pictures she scans places with her camera, which she then re-erects elsewhere in ephemeral installations as wall-sized collages and binds them in massive, often multivolume atlases. Concurrent with the historical travel and architecture photography of the Baldus albums, WestLicht for the first time in Austria offers a view on the comprehensive oeuvre of books by the internationally displayed and awarded artist. The exhibition focuses on the book as a space of time, as an analogue hard drive in relation to its materiality and physicality. Systematically constructed according to a strict order and grid, Gaenssler’s encyclopaedias are specific formats whose sculptural appeal goes hand in hand with the enveloped sequences of quasi-random, seemingly abstract fragments of reality. By browsing through the pages the artist’s journeys – like her six day trip with the Trans-Siberian Railway – and the artworks and spaces she has captured, which are often inaccessible to the public, can be re-experienced. Tangible and resisting at the same time, the books can be read as archives and reflect contemporary theories of the image as much as an alluring obstinacy of things.

Curated by Rebekka Reuter

Due to an event the exhibition is closed on 12.07.